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We service all types of braided wheels.

We have 33 years of experience in the field and special workshop equipment.

You can bring the bike or send it by post to our address:

Repairs and orders for spare parts, technical support for Kastar wheels and service information can be obtained from:

Karel Starek, 736 631 007, 736 631 06,   ( english or german) 


Service technician:

Vlastimil Smutka 736 631 006, 666 624 336

Send shipments for repair to:

Kastar, Veká Losenice 326, 59211, Czech Republic


If you are interested in servicing tangled wheels, you can send the wheels or bring them in person. We are here every day, Mon-Fri, from 6:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. After telephone agreement (we speak German and English) and at other times. In case of agreement in advance, it is possible to arrange a date and carry out the repair while you wait. We provide a complete service from washing and cleaning, changing tires or sticking pads, brake discs, cassettes, etc. We wash and clean in an ecological bath using a Ph neutral degreasing agent. When servicing a braided bike, we check the condition of the rim, the condition of the braid and the individual spokes, checking their tension with a strain gauge. When centering new rims, we work with a tolerance of 0.1 mm vertically and laterally. This depends on the accuracy of the delivered rim. We carry out the disassembly of the body, axis and other parts with possible replacement of bearings and other parts. After cleaning and checking the condition of the components, we carry out their possible replacement with subsequent assembly and adjustment.

The price of 1 hour of service work is 30€ without VAT.

ll service work and used components are newly invoiced with 10% VAT.