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Tech. specs

33 years of experience in the field!

What bikes do we make?

- wheels with an attractive design to order according to the wishes and personal choice of customers

- very durable wheels for the most demanding Enduro, DH trails and e-Bikes

- wgeels that efficiently transfer the rider's energy in all disciplines, "WHEELS THAT JUST GO"

- durable wheels that last a long time are serviceable with the availability of spare parts

- wheels that are affordable

- wheels for which we have high-quality and reliable after-sales service

- wheels with own development and construction

- we have racing wheels certified in the UCI laboratory according to the regulations

- wheels with a 3-year warranty


How do we do it?

- we choose components for each model according to individual disciplines and standards

- we develop and design the hubs ourselves and have them manufactured by the BITEX family company in Taiwan

- we have the spokes custom-made by the Belgian company SAPIM

- we develop ALU rims together with our manufacturer in Italy

- we develop and design carbon rims and drill holes according to the geometry of the hubs and spoke angles and have them manufactured in a family company in China

- laser design, spokes painting and sticker production are also provided by our friends firms in the Czech Republic

- we have final manual assembly and storage of components in our own company in Vysočina in Velká Losenice


  Not everything can be published!

- we have invested a lot of time and money in development, design, testing and production

- we are a small company and we don't have the funds for an expensive world patent

- therefore we ask for your understanding that I will not list all our technical specifications of components and wheel designs

- why our bikes have unique properties you will not know completely


Photos and videos about our work.